Official Library Specifications and Part Number Spec

RE: Official Library Specifications and Part Number Spec
(2020-06-19, 8:44)Chris Dee Wrote: Please give me a chance to review these - I have been too busy of late to contribute.

Official Library Part Number Specification

General Part Numbering - Known Part Numbers

Please add '(Design ID)' after 'part number'.

General Part Numbering - Part Numbers vs. Element IDs

Please add 'Hence you will not find 4109995 in the LDraw parts library.

General Part Numbering - Unknown Part Numbers

I think the note should mention that the previous rule was for three-digit parts numbers for consistency with the Quick Reference Table. It does need to mention the x-prefix whilst these parts were in development.

General Part Numbering - Mould Variants/Different Versions or Parts with the Same Number

Please change '3626A.DAT and 3626B.DAT' to '3626a.dat and 3626b.dat'.

General Part Numbering - Subparts

Please add 'Where there is extensive shared geometry, subparts may be used by parent parts with a different main number.'.
Please replace 'stored in the \s subdirectory' with 'stored in the parts\s subdirectory'.

General Part Numbering - Primitives

For clarity, please use 'components' rather then 'subparts'.
Please insert 'stored in the \p subdirectory'.
I think there needs to be something to cover the p\8 and p\48 subdirectories, particularly the need for p\8\stud.... versions of p\stud primitives and the need for stu2... alias to all stud... files.

Probably all uses of the backslash directory separator could be changed to a forward slash as MS Windows is ambivalent these days.

I think there needs to be another section in General Part Numbering to cover the use of alpha suffices for corrections in geometry or
numbering errors.

I think there needs to be another section in General Part Numbering to cover the ....kNN flexible part components (komponents).

I think there needs to be another section in General Part Numbering to cover the 'third party' parts numbers (tNNNN). Thaye are mentioned in the Quick Reference Table.

Shortcut (Assembly) Part Numbering - General Shortcut Part Numbering

Please lowcase the C in CNN.

Shortcut (Assembly) Part Numbering - Shortcuts with More Than One Physical Configuration

Please lowcase the F in -Fnn and -F1.

Patterned Part Numbering - General Patterned Part Numbering

Please change 'for the part' to 'for the pattern'.

Patterned Part Numbering - Patterned Part Code

This table changes frequently and is not subject to the note at the foot of the document, i.e. changes are not subject to LSB ratification. Maybe it needs to reside outside of this document, and probably be script-generated (for the same source as used by ptpatterns.cgi).

Sticker part numbering - Formed Stickers Parts

Please lowcase the C in CNN.

Sticker part numbering - Sticker Shortcuts

Please lowcase the D in DNN.

Part Numbering Quick Reference Table

Please switch the casing (n to N) and filename elements to lowcase.

Do we need a section to cover the naming conventions for files in parts\textures, parts\s\textures and p\textures? Official Parts Library Specifications

General File Content - NUmbers - Precision

Please change 'sub-parts' to 'subparts' to match nomenclature elsewhere..
General File Content - META Commands - Back Face Culling (BFC)

Is it true that parts need to be CCW. I though parts could be CW or CCW, but primitives must be CCW.

General File Content - Geometry - Co-planar/Co-linear Tolerance and Concave Quads

In para 3, please correct 'co-planer' to 'co-planar'.

Do we want to say somewhere that isolated primitives should not be used in patterns, i.e. a disc surrounded by an ndis is fine, but a disc alone would generate gaps in hi-res mode.

Relately, do we want to mention the special use of ering.dat
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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