Texmap render issues on PT

RE: Texmap render issues on PT
(2020-06-06, 18:36)Lasse Deleuran Wrote: Yes, of course each time they are loaded. Otherwise the frame rate might suffer quite a bit Big Grin
Indeed :-)

So this is really a one-off hit we're talking about here, and IMO it's not appropriate to impose a technical limitation of the rendering technology onto parts authors.

The textures for this particular part are (mostly) at 320dpi.  I normally work at 640dpi or integer multiples/fractions thereof as it maps very neatly into LDUs.  Obviously the final choice of dpi is a tradeoff between the size of the image and the level of detail it needs - this one's 320 because it's not a particularly detailed set of images - but I think forcing authors to work in powers of two will lead to compromises.  For example, the top image here covers a width of 29 studs and thus is 2900 pixels wide.  The nearest powers of two being 2048 and 4096 mean that either it scales down a bit and (possibly) loses detail, or else it scales up massively for no good reason.

The other issue I see with such a restriction is that it would force the majority of texture images into having non-square pixels (or large areas of blank space, or both).
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