Lego Description Language (LDL)

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Quote:Hey Snipe,

What do you have already working? I like the idea.

If I understand your suggestion correctly you want to develop a DSL, domain-specific language for LEGO, which is an interesting idea. Although I wonder what its use will be or who will be using it.


I don't have any code right now, I did try to do it in C a few times but it got scrapped and this was really a different project called LPL which was a bad idea really.

Yes, it is a DSL and while it can be used by ldraw part authors, digital builders, and just lego nerds in general it can also be generated, i.e used to analize real or digital LEGO not just to build digital LEGO, hance the name.

I think it would be better athough harder to write it in C because, if done properly the performance is guerenteed tot still be good when its time to scale up. This (which I don't wanna delve too far into) is because with C there is no OOP overhead or hidden code within classes or within classes inside libraries that breaks or is inefficiant.

I might be able to make a basic applicaiton in C as long as there are people here who will be able to support that without re-writing it to some other language however if not then I am happy to write it in another language as you suggested since its the only real option.

Regards, Snipe
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