Lego Description Language (LDL)

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Hey Snipe,

What do you have already working? I like the idea.

If I understand your suggestion correctly you want to develop a DSL, domain-specific language for LEGO, which is an interesting idea. Although I wonder what its use will be or who will be using it.

Having said that, a technology called Xtext is popping up to mind. This is a method of writing your own language in the Eclipse (and IDE) using its EMF framework. It is very powerful but has a steep learning curve.

When you have written your language, let's call it LDL, in Xtext, you can then write a parser, either using Accelo or python to convert the models in LDL to Ldraw format. Writing this parser would be quite a challenge. I would not do this in C, which is way to a low level for what you want to achieve.

Also, I'm thinking on the python module Pyldraw. Where you can create/write models using the python language. The module is not very feature-rich but it can do some neat basic stuff.

Since I'm very focussed towards LEGO Technick I'm looking for some easy way to describe the relationship between axis and gears.

Kind regards,
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