LDPE 0.8.50 Beta Released (bugfix / usability)

Strange 3D view issue under Linux
(2020-06-02, 20:02)Willy Tschager Wrote: I set SPACE as alternative middle mouse button in 0.49. Now this behaves really strange  - actually not usable while the middle mouse button suddenly works. Anyway I will switch back to 0.49. When I press the SPACE bar now it first rotates my part upside down. If I release and press again to somehow get to the view I want all gets suddenly zoomed in and also distorted.

Edit: All the above is true only for the Linux version.


Looks like your Linux system has issues with OpenGL 3.3 in the video driver. This is unfortunately normal for e.g. older Intel CPUs with build in graphic chips.
Try to deactivate it via unchecking "Tools..." -> "Use OpenGL 3.3" and then restart LDPE.

I spent some time to investigate on how to improve the compatibility check for this feature, but I have still no practical solution.
And it probably needs a better name. It is too technical. Even for a experienced LDraw user.
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