Official Library File Format Restictions

RE: Official Library File Format Restictions
(2020-07-02, 13:19)GeraldĀ Lasser Wrote: IMHO concerning the part naming when it comes to dimensions, e.g. if it is 2 plates high, it will be .667, this was change in the past from 2/3 to this, I think it should be added and also how many decimals shall there be in the description (3).

An example has been added to the header spec.

(2020-07-02, 13:19)Gerald Lasser Wrote: Also:
anything Bricklike: Studs x Studs x Bricks
anything Technic looking: Studs x Studs x Studs

Hmm. Header spec or Official Library spec?

(2020-07-02, 13:19)Gerald Lasser Wrote: Where is the orientation of a part taken care of?

Nowhere. Origin and orientation could be a document in and of itself.

I added some verbiage here:
I think it's better to write in general terms and let the individual cases be sorted out on the PT but I'm open to rewrite suggestions.
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