Official Library File Format Restictions

RE: Official Library File Format Restictions
(2020-06-18, 8:52)Magnus Forsberg Wrote:
Quote:While both upper and lower case letters are permitted in filenames, filenames are case-insensitive. Currently, all official parts are issued with upper-case only names.

I dont understand this:  "all official parts are issued with upper-case only names."

 AFAIK there are no files in the library with a upper case file ending.
Some dat-files may contain references to primitives using .DAT as a file ending, but it is considered an error and are auto-corrected by LDPE, if you tell it to do that, changing the ending to lower case .dat.
DATHeader ignore this, and accept a file using .DAT in the code.
In some files there is a comment about the use of .DAT on stud primitves to please LEdit. I have ignored that and change any old file I edit and replace .DAT with .dat.

I think it needs a clarification.

I agree. Unless I am misunderstanding, has for a long time used all lower case letters for 8.3 files. So, the files are actually all lower case, not all upper case. The parts with longer filenames also use all lower case letters, as far as I know. I personally feel that this should be required for parts.

(2020-06-18, 8:52)Magnus Forsberg Wrote:
Quote:All files in the LDraw Parts Library are required to carry the .DAT extension.

Same here. What is this wording trying to explain? Why .DAT? Why upper case?

I have two things to say here. First, now that textures are allowed, I think it should specify "All part files", not "All files". Secondly, whether this is .DAT or .dat will depend on whether or not the "all upper case" text is change. I think that goes without saying, though.
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