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(2020-05-28, 0:08)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I finished entering all 526(!) torso assemblies (out of a possible 3700ish) into the cross reference file, I've moved the Set PBG generator out of experimental status.

New url is:

My next project is hips assemblies then Minidoll torso and leg assemblies followed by Technic action figures. I may sprinkle in other assemblies as I find them.

As always, If you find bugs or oddities, please post them here. If you find a misnumbered single file that's not part of an assembly, submit a change request at Rebrickable.

The current crossref file can always be found here:
Found a problem with 298c02 part :
For example set 76042-1 or 7236-1 have 2 of it but in the export there are only 1x4592 +1x4593.

When 298c02 is exported in 2 sub parts (i prefer this solution), why 2429c01 is not ?
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