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(2020-05-29, 8:51)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Do you know if they are scanning our library?
Most of the set I have looked at have bad info on the patterned parts. It looks like Rebrickable assume a ldraw pattern number based on their own numbering system. Why should we push lots of change request to them when they should be pulling info from us?
All of the printed parts to the Minion set 75551 are made, but non of them have correct number at RB.

Yes, they are in a limited sense. Patterns are hard since they have to be manually matched. I've submitted somewhere in the realm of 400 entries to their database for just patterns.

Also, for the set you've mentioned, all of those parts are unofficial. For patterns I've been focusing on just the one's in the official library before moving on to the PT.

(2020-05-29, 8:51)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Is there a way to get stickers and/or stickered parts included in this generator?
A set list is not complete without the sticker sheet numbers.

Funny you mention stickers since I just started with cross referencing stickers (while I think about how I'm going to approach hip assemblies which aren't as straight forward as torsos were). Sticker sheets would be considered "assemblies". This means they'll have to be added to the crossref file.
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