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(2020-05-18, 13:00)Stefan Frenz Wrote: Today I tried with set 70618 (Ninjago Destiny's Bounty) and do like the result very much - I think, the corresponding functions at Rebrickable and LDInspector may be obsolete. Wink

That's a great compliment considering I'm not even half done.

(2020-05-18, 13:00)Stefan Frenz Wrote: Two suggestions:
14395.dat is unofficial. Ensure your unofficial parts folder is up to date
not found in the official library or on the Parts Tracker
not found in the official library or on the Parts Tracker
Perhaps for "Polish up the UI": the 15967 has a link (which I like, but 14395.dat has not), and it has a new line (which 14395.dat has not, but I like).

The not found part listed as "34888" with link points to Rebrickable part 3068bpr0344 - there Rebrickable says "LDraw 34888" and "Printed version of 3068b". So maybe 3068b can be listed instead of not found part?

The formatting (newline vs. none) this is definitely the "polish" I was referring to. As far as a link in the unoffical warning, should it point to Rebrickable or the PT (I think the PT).

For 34888, the script is "dumb" right now in that it looks for the part in the official and unofficial library and then stops there if the number isn't found and the part doesn't have a pattern code. I can have it look at the Rebrickable number to see if that has a pattern code. That's a fairly easy change.

(2020-05-18, 13:00)Stefan Frenz Wrote: Activating "Use unpatterned version of unfound patterned" does not change the behavior.

I actually just noticed this myself when testing last night. Additionally, it won't catch all of the patterns as the check I use assumes a part name format that isn't necessarily true (this more true for older sets you'll have to be pulling a fairly old set to encounter it).
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