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Rebrickable LDCad PBG export
I love Rebrickable's PBG export. However, it has the drawback that minifig torsos and legs are listed as assemblies so unless they're generic enough to use the appropriate shortcut they'll always appear as unfound parts in the parts bin. I recently had a forum thread with the dev team about this and was basically told that this will never change since it's too much for them to track arms, hands, torsos, hips, and legs separately. I don't disagree with this decision from their point of view.

I proposed the following solution:
Associate the LDraw part number for the appropriate torso with the assembly. Add in the arms in the same color as the torso and the hands in yellow. This will at least get the correct torso pattern to show up in the parts bin and the if the arm or hand color is different, that's easily changeable by the user. They have yet to get back to me on this suggestion.

Then I got to thinking, we could use the Rebrickable API to provide our own PBG export. Either roll our own cross reference database or, since Bricklink does catalog the torsos, arms, and hands separately and Rebrickable provides the Bricklink number, pull this data from Bricklink via their API. We could also have an option to include the unpatterned version of a part if the patterned version doesn't exist and reference the appropriate flex part template for flexible parts.

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