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(2020-04-10, 22:10)Max Martin Richter Wrote: Hej there,
while going through the stickers for reviewing them, I run in the following problem: Some stickers are described like "... on [Colour] Background" and some "... on [Colour]".
I'm not sure if need the word Background in the description or not. Could we discuss how it should be done and add this to the sticker specs, please?


I would recommend keeping "background", although I'd be happy with the abbreviation "BG" to keep things tidy.

Reason being, I can picture other cases where "…on [Colour]" could suggest something other than a background: a number on a colored circle; a word on a different-colored outline/shadow of the same letters, etc.

In cases like that, a noun should follow the adjective "[Colour]", and I'd extend the same logic to the noun "background" or "BG".
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