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RE: LDCad 1.6d (win+linux)
(2020-04-06, 9:28)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Installed. Works. What to say more? Wink

Same here. After a few hesitant moments of not being sure I'd remember how to install it, I just did…and it just worked.  Smile

(I did get some error messages show up in my terminal, seems like they might be related to GUI switching. Didn't seem to affect anything, though; I'll let you know if they come back.)

Thanks for the uni joint helper and the shorter path handles!

Quote:I hope to be able to get rid of Studio usage...
Should prove very useful!

Me too. :-) As impressed as I was with it at first, it tends to break more, is less transparent to fix, and is harder to get responsive support for. (Still don't know why prim sub seems to have broken recently…)

Good thing about Studio is, it re-kindled my interest in LDraw (as a Mac user) after having hit the "end of the road" with Bricksmith. That eventually led me straight to LDCad.  Big Grin
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