Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help

RE: Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help
(2022-05-08, 1:04)Cam's Bricks Wrote: Is the goal to export the whole of animations to blender?

I saw that Matthew Morrison's LDrawExport (and import apparently) plug in can read the STEP meta and set key frames. It seems that the solution is not writing an export from LDCad but rather an Import plugin for Blender. 
Yes. but mostly because cycles seemed to be easier/faster to use then povray.

Problem I'm having is LDCad's animations are scripted, there are over 12000 lines of code making that happen, rewriting this in a blender plugin is not really an option for me at the moment Smile

With glTF I was hoping to get as much of the data across using the native format and then fill in missing things using a extension. Something I could write a much smaller / simpler blender glTF plugin extension for.

(2022-05-08, 1:04)Cam's Bricks Wrote: Here is a link to the Git Hub Page for that Exporter:

Thread here on LDraw:
Thanks I will check that out.
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