Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help

RE: Working on a Blender (collada) export, need some help

I've been working on the new export off and on again and decided to concentrate on geometry and animation data and leave the material side of things as they are.

I've also started a second exporter for the glTF2 format as it seems to have a much better support in Blender (and the 3D community as a whole).

glTF2 is easy to generate but seems to have only limited animation support.

On the plus-side I already managed to export glTF2 files including a simple (static) test animation. Blender accepts the file but the animation possibilities of glTF2 seem to be very limited.


Collada on the other end has very extensive animation support but I'm not sure Blender would actually import it all. 

In short I'm looking for some advise/thoughts on these issues, or maybe recommendations on a third format ?

I would also appreciate some collada animation test files if any one knows where to get them?

Attached is a glTF2 test export for the 5510.mpd example, any comments and feedback is welcome. (I removed the attachment, it's outdated).
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