Help me figure out a math/measurement problem

RE: Help me figure out a math/measurement problem
(2020-02-17, 1:44)Michael Horvath Wrote: There is also the issue of technic axle hole height (and likely other things I am unaware of). In reality technic axle holes are several fractions of an LDU higher than in they are in LDraw parts. Meaning you may not be able to build your LDraw technic models IRL.

Not sure what everyone's plans are in this regard. This issue has been known for decades.

Oh yes, I read Cailliau's treatise on that with (subdued) fascination. For my question, what I envisioned was perhaps a bit of metadata that's included whenever a part is authored that encodes the part's real-life dimensions, alongside its theoretical LDraw measurements. Then, an LDraw editing program could include a selectable option for using a part's real measurements; otherwise, the usual dimensions we're familiar with would be the fallback.

(Could something like that work for the axle hole height? Could an editor program be designed to re-calculate the positions of these primitives on the fly?)
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