Help me figure out a math/measurement problem

RE: Help me figure out a math/measurement problem
(2020-02-16, 10:23)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Most of the "problem" can be explained by idea/physical differences. Axles are a bit shorter physically than ideal (between 1.2 and 2 ldu depending on 6L axle measured), stud height with logo is 4.5ldu instead of 4 (generally it doesn't matter, but here two of them are head to head), and stacking introduces some more play...
I had the opportunity yesterday to participate in the dismantling of a huge (275000 pcs) MOC, and I learnt that between the core made of stacked bricks and the "skin" made mainly with plates there was a height discrepency of a half plate...

Hmm, so if the axle really is 2 LDU short, and the stud logo adds another 1 LDU (is it really that much? I had thought 0.25, at most), that leaves 1 LDU for "play"—and that's about how close the upper structure comes to being flush with the uppermost 6x6 dish in reality.

I have a feeling you're right, and there's nothing more to it than that, but it seems oddly anti-climactic. Since it was a nice even 4 LDU difference, I secretly hoped there was some hidden yet elegant mathematical consideration at play, or even that I'd made some simple error myself.

This makes me mildly curious, has there ever been discussion of modeling parts to their true dimensions, at least for certain applications like this?
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