Technic 8854 Power Crane

RE: Technic 8854 Power Crane
(2020-02-04, 13:47)Stefan Frenz Wrote: Thank you for explaining! Looking at the file differences with meld I suspected this is the way to go. Smile

I'm not quite sure what "donFinScale" (changed from "fitDon2Seg" to "segMerge") and "donPlace" (changed from "deform" to "refsStat") mean, so I will play around with it as with "segSize" (changed from "100%" to "75%") and segsMaxMerge (changed from "10" to "0"). With your excellently converted file I always have a reference that I can rely on. Smile
Yes, there are a lot of parameters to play with... Eg. if you want to render your file with Studio photorealistic renderer, you have to set segsMaxMerge to 1. Otherwise the longer generated segments are shortened by the renderer (it's a bug!) and the hose becomes discontinuous!
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