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Lego has improved the quality of print in recent years. It is most clearly seen on the pieces in the Brickheadz sets.
They manage to get color printed closer to the edges of bricks.

To me, the issue here is the visual impression. A Tile 1x1 have a very exact size in Ldraw. 20x20 ldu.
The real parts are a tiny bit smaller. There is always a thin gap between two tiles, in real life. I know that rendering software can add this space between parts, but in most cases, in LDView, MLCad and LDCad, there is no space between parts.
If we allow the pattern to completetly cover the top surface it doesn't look right, to me.

You say "the pattern does, indeed, go all the way to the curved edge". That is exactly my main objection. This part also have a very thin curved edge. It is missing on most of the tiles. We had a similar issue on the Tile 1x1 Round. When I made that part, it had a thin curved egde, but it has been removed. That removal was easier to accept since the round tile is most often used alone. Without a neighbouring top surface, on another tile.

I don't know. Maybe this is the first example we have of a pattern jumping from one square tile to another square tile.
And it doesn't look good, in my eyes.

All I want to see is that if there is a thin border around the print, it must be modelled.
We should not simplify the making of a pattern by allowing the colored surface to go all the way to the edge, just to avoid many small or thin triangles in the model.
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