Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version

RE: Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version
(2020-03-31, 19:31)Roland Melkert Wrote: Whenever you drop a template on a model it asks if you want to make it part of the mpd or a separate file.

If you choose to make it a separate file and name it something .dat you should be ok most of the time.

Only possible problem is when a generated part has subparts that .dat would technically be a mpd (this is mandated by LDCad's generator).

Interesting…how would that be different from a regular .dat file that references primitives and subparts?

Quote:All LDCad meta's should be transparent to other tools as they would (MUST) just skip those lines.

That said, I'm planning to make some improvements to the mpd split/joint tools for the 1.7 version.

I'll add an extra option to split generated content (with a warning about loosing the original paramters etc) to that version.

Yeah, I suppose technically I don't need to remove the metas, but for some reason it feels like a "cleaner" part file without them. Also, it removes the risk of the mesh being regenerated accidentally if I open the .dat file in LDCad…
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