Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version

RE: Thinking about doing a LDCad 1.7 version
Some ideas:

Eye view - the ability to move the camera as if you're in a first person game, this will make it easier to go into tight spaces such as a room in a  house and inspect building errors etc. The movement could be tied to the grid stepping.

The ability to select all parts of a given type or color does exist but only if you assign a keyboard hotkey for 'select working part' or 'select working color' and then holding shift when you want to do 'select working part' / 'select working color' a second time. But shift does not work with the menu item, only a hotkey so maybe add shift support to the menu item and also assign a keyboard shortcut by default for 'select working part/color' because it is used super often.

Also a 'select all connected parts' like in LDD would be cool.

The ability to rotate multiple bricks but where they have their own rotation centers instead of a single rotation center where everything else selected orbits that.

A secondary color ootion like in MSpaint by right clicking on a color square in the color menu and having a second long square telling you the currently selected secondary color.

Also the ability to automatically align another part to a part with a diagonaal edge like a wing plate. example

A new 'node view' editing pane like in the following video for auto generating parametric structures like in grasshoooer/blender:

Regards, SNIPE
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