Time for another LDConfig update?

RE: Time for another LDConfig update?
(2020-04-17, 19:53)Willy Tschager Wrote: I'd like to resume this thread. BL has new listings:

228 - Satin White
223 - Satin Trans-Light Blue
224 - Satin Trans-Dark Pink
222 - Glitter Trans-Orange

Are these the colors we are looking for?


Yes, I think you're right. But these are the Bricklink numbers. Why should we use them when we know the correct TLG numbers?
228 - Satin White,  seems to be a Bricklink invention. It is not present in Ryan's Colorlist.

We are also missing some Transparent Rubber colours:
This part, 21987/35583
is made in:
Rubber trans bright green
Rubber trans light blue
Rubber trans red
None of these are in ldconfig.
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