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RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
(2023-04-21, 14:05)Rene Rechthaler Wrote: ah thanks, the motor connector works like a very long clip on a ship-sided bar, too rigid to clip but possible to slide in from the back.

Motor connector starts at 0 -37 0 and ends at 0 -37 60.

Do these connectors snap center-center or start-start?

The generic box example will snap centre to centre forcing a matching orientation.

Sounds like this needs a clip meta with forced orientation. This is not an option (yet Smile )

I might add a 'U' variant to the CYL shape kind in 1.7 Beta 1 as it is relatively easy to implement.

But for now you can fake it by using squire f/m CYL metas which will allow it to slide, but it would allow this in 4 different orientations (like axles).
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