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RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
(2020-08-06, 20:20)Roland Melkert Wrote: The contents of .sf (plain zip) files are synchronized with the per user location at program start.

This way each user can setup their own bins and options etc, while still having defaults out of the box.

It will only update existing files and remove obsolete ones, if you got additional custom content that will not change.

If you are using an unpacked shadow it shouldn't affect you at all, unless you unpack the updated shadow (.csl) in the user location again.

What I've been doing is copy the offLib.csl to my own custLib.csl, then I unpack that and use it as my shadow library so I can save corrections and new shadow files.

So if I understand correctly, my process should be:

  • -Before installing the new .sf, I should re-pack my custom library to custLib.csl
  • -Set custLib.csl as my library so that it will synchronize
  • -Install the new .sf and re-launch LDCad
  • -Re-unpack custLib and switch to that directory when I want to make more changes
I should now have all updated files, plus whatever new ones I'd made (unless they were corrections to existing files, which are now replaced with your updates). Right?
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