LDCad Part Snapping missing/errors

RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
(2020-03-14, 2:50)Roland Melkert Wrote: @Orion
I can't find 75181, did you mean 61485 ? although that one has snapping info.

Yes. (75181 is the set I was working on). Unless the info is in this update, then my current shadow library does not have it

(2020-03-14, 2:50)Roland Melkert Wrote: "All the flex-system hoses have no snap info."
They do have info, but only for the end caps, or did you mean the bended parts. LDCad doesn't support that at the moment, maybe in 1.7

Not the bent ones, the straight ones. And it would be helpful to have this info for the middle section.
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