Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2020-05-25, 23:31)Moreau Wrote: i can change the fps to 1 which allows me to look around and for some inexplicable reason the first person camera is still nowhere near the minifig center where it ideally should be. even if i don't try to look around with the mouse it seems the first person camera is placed somewher way out in front of the minifig.
The script places the camera roughly at the 'nose' position of the minfig, this asuming you're using a minifig submodel like in the example. If not you need to adjust the coordinates, given at the top of the script.

(2020-05-25, 23:31)Moreau Wrote: what do you mean by "rest z-direction"?
A camera without angles always looks along the z-axis (blue one in the compass).

(2020-05-25, 23:31)Moreau Wrote: it still turns to look in the direction of the minifig's changing position, and still reverts back to that focus at the start of each new frame when i try looking around.
Once the animation is paused normal (trackball) camera control is enabled, what you want to do would need interactive animation so the script can calculate things not just based on the frame time but also on mouse interaction etc. Like I said this is a planned 1.7 feature.
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