Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2020-05-08, 23:32)kevlamar Wrote: i will need explained further...
Step 4. and Step 7.

4: Open the windows file explorer and using the mouse drag the .lua file onto the LDCad program window while your model is open in it.
7: In the top menu bar their is a 'scripting' item inside it is an item with the name of the current open file, inside that item their is an item "Minifig tour". Use that to start the animation.

(2020-05-08, 23:32)kevlamar Wrote: Also i dont quite understand what you are saying here

A 150 thousand part model might not be able to animate in realtime (at 25fps), you would need to lower the frame rate or export it to a collection of png files which you can combine into a movie using a video editor.
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