Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2020-05-08, 17:07)kevlamar Wrote: 1) Is it possible to teach a rookie like me how to use your script?
2) Is it worth it to learn the system for a 1 time project?

The script is basically an 'extra' button in the gui, the only thing you need to do is spreading the 'breadcrumbs' around in your model.

But with a very large model realtime playback might be a problem so you would need to export the animation and combine images to e.g. an avi file to get fluent playback.

To get started try this:

1. Export your LDD model to a ldr file.
2. Save the above zip to the same location and unpack it.
3. Open the ldr in LDCad
4. Drag and drop the .lua file onto LDCad to link the script to the model.
5. In the search bin (minfig with magnifying glass) search for :   tile 1x1 round pin hole
6. Use that part to map a route inside your model.
7. When you got a couple of them placed start the animation with the menu: /scripts/<your model>/Minifig tour

This all assuming your model is level grounded, if not the script would need a minor adjustment compensate for this. Let me know if it's needed as I was planning to adjust the script for it anyway sometime.
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