Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2019-12-06, 1:59)Roland Melkert Wrote: I liked the idea of an animated model tour from a minifig's perspective a lot (see

So I made a start on a generic script for it, to be included with LDCad 1.6c

Many things can be improved, but I'm very proud on the fact this was 'doable' without finding any bugs out of the box.

Attached a demo.

Any feedback / ideas on improvements are welcome.

A appropriate (big) model for testing purposes would be appreciated too.

This animation takes over the camera during playback. You can disable/enable that by clicking the 'CAM' label in the top right session panel in animation mode.
Roland, i am very much interested in your walk through script project. I have an enormous lego build that i have been working on for over a year. Probably over 150,000 bricks; it is a build of a local rural town in our area.  My vision from the start was to eventually showcase it in a youtube video so it can be enjoyed by all. i am currently still putting finishing touches on it. I envision like a low drone flyover panning in both directions but any video footage would be acceptable .  I posted an earlier reply for solutions to create a video about 8 months ago but never got any real good solutions.  Yours is the first post that appears to be what i am looking for.  However i am very inexperienced at Ldraw. i mostly build in Lego digital designer and then convert to ldraw. I know the basics and that's about it. 
1) Is it possible to teach a rookie like me how to use your script?
2) Is it worth it to learn the system for a 1 time project?
3) Is there an Ldraw techie who i could hire to do a video? i would certainly consider paying someone to do this.
4) i also would be willing to pay for some ldraw training via zoom if you or anyone is interested

i am very excited to learn more about your script 

[Image: montgomery+lego+screen+grab.jpg?o=An9SZM...mb8B4&cd=i]
[Image: montgomery+lego+screen+grab+2.jpg?o=As1x...ynDqw&cd=i]
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