Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2019-12-23, 12:22)Moreau Wrote: interesting, however i have some questions.
how do i toggle the camera to first person instead of third? i tried editing the one line in samples > camera test, from camConfusedetThirdPerson(camPos, camDist, angle+45, 25, 0)
to camConfusedetFirstPerson(camPos, camDist, angle+45, 25, 0)
and all it did was look up instead of down

trying to move the camera with the mouse during playback just makes it look shakey
i admit i am still new to all this Lua stuff (as a first programming language), but i thought the only difference should be the first person camera remains stationary and just rotates the model space around it.
maybe what i want does'nt exist yet. is there even a way to toggle the mouse camera to first instead of third person perspective?
upon further investigating scripts > misc > current camera, and selecting () "script first person camera" from the format list, the repeating after moving the camera with the mouse, yields two sets of values., ldc.vector(3939.7942, -1547.4372, -2197.128), 4549.2681, -60, -15, 0), ldc.vector(1897.3212, -1839.676, -1139.8568), 2558.9633, -60, -37.05, 0)

so clearly the program can identify the position in partspace and angle of the camera eye. i also assume the first three are XYZ position. But what are the other values?
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