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(2019-11-27, 21:27)Stefan Frenz Wrote: Hi there,

this time it's the 1988's Test Car Technic model 8865. It should be OMR compliant, but there are known issues:
- Small mismatch for 16-technic-brick (3703) which connects the front frame to the roof in the last step. As far as I can see and calculate with CAD, this seems to be "desired margin" in the real build. Did I something wrong, is there a way to make it look "better matching"?
- The steering axle angles with two universal joint (2x 3712+3326b+3712) in steps 16/17 are not acceptable. I looked at the angles provided by "Selection Info" without luck - I will fix this as soon as possible and would welcome any suggestion.

Done with LDCad 1.6c (Linux64).

Thanks in advance for any improvement suggestion! Smile 


The “mismatch” you refer to is exactly the scenario that prompted me to post this thread.

And in my own 8865 model, the u-joint issue was handled using the advice given in this thread—which was inspired by my efforts to build the original Auto Chassis.
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