Problem with perspective in LPub3D

RE: Problem with perspective in LPub3D
(2019-10-28, 6:48)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. LPub3D intentionally uses a very small FOV (probably something like 0.1) for step images when using LDView as a renderer (to simulate orthographic projection). The General tab of LDView's preferences has a "Field of View" setting, and values between 30 and 45 generally look pretty reasonable for a non-orthographic look. I'm not sure if LPub3D allows you to touch the field of view on step images, though, because all LEGO instructions use orthographic projection, and it is trying to replicate that look.

My knowledge of LDView and LPub3D are unfortunately very low. What can I do to correct the perspective?
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