Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad

RE: Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad
(2019-10-22, 0:49)N. W. Perry Wrote: Hmm, I wonder if I could use the end piece from LSynth (ls20.dat)?

EDIT: Or better yet, edit the existing end cap for the 3mm hose and make it 4mm? Although, I'm not really sure what I'm doing there, as I haven't delved into parts authoring much at all.
End caps should be 'normal' parts (non scaled) preferable including snap information.

You could put the scaled ls20.dat in a wrapper though, just be sure it has the same orientation and origin as 165.

This solution would create a dependency on ls20.dat meaning anyone you give the model to needs to have it in their library too.
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