Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad

Concerning "classic" hoses and LDCad
I think this ground has been partially trodden before, but I'm not sure this exact issue has been solidly settled.

How do we tackle the "classic" flexible hose in LDCad—i.e., the old rubber hose used in Classic Space and early Technic sets? This is a 4mm diameter hose, so I think it's the same as the hoses later used in the pneumatic system. I know these are used in the example 8860 model, but what happens when you need a free end that's not connected to anything? In 8860, the ends are simply left off, because the hoses are tucked inside other parts. But what if the free end is meant to be visible (like in set 920/483)? Is there a suitable end part, and how would I go about replacing the beveled end with the non-beveled one?

(And to perhaps get overly precise, would the end part be different depending on whether it's a pneumatic hose or a "classic" one? Are the inside diameters different on these two parts? Are they even two different parts, or are they in fact identical?)
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