Edges between floating vertices?

RE: Edges between floating vertices?
(2019-10-14, 10:24)Willy Tschager Wrote: this looks perfect! how did you do it?
Sorry, I thought the other methods for this pattern would be better (did you have a close look on my projection method here: https://forums.ldraw.org/thread-23710-po...l#pid34290 ?)

. So...
- Open the shape in LDPE, and with Edger2 tool create lines/condlines everywhere (set flat surface maximum angle to 0). Create unmatched edges too.
- Select everything (ctrl+A) and convert condlines to edge lines (C2L button).
- Select everything again, launch Ytruder. Projection on plane, value=0, condline threshold=0 (edge lines everywhere), operation axis X
- Select one surface, Select -> uncheck vertices/lines/condlines, then select -> all shown. Delete key to let only lines
- Slightly more tricky part: view head in front view, manually select all top edge lines with a marquee, hit delete key.


Edit: This process creates a lot of duplicated lines, may need to cleanup in text window.
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