Rotation & angle of universal joint?

RE: Rotation & angle of universal joint?
Ah, time for using bold font on this forum...
Roland, thanks a lot for this script! Although it has some bugs (and it's UI is... eh... minimalistic? Wink ), it is a big help I had been waiting for, for a looong time. It motivates me to study the function source code and trying to create a similar function for two rotated beams connection. I hope I can save some time for it.

The above-mentioned bug report:
I followed all step of your "usage howto" in this thread and the script rotated not only the desired halves of uni-joint but the other ones as well, fortunately it was easy to fix (rotate them by 180°). See attached picture.

About UI:

1. in fact, the script/function is completely useless without this forum thread knowledge. For "production version", can you add a help message?
2. we can see here why I requested a feature of >1 selection(s) (i.e. different colors of selection highlight or a script asking interactively for each selection) - if impossible with LDCAD 1.6, may you think about it for 2.0, please?
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