Rotation & angle of universal joint?

RE: Rotation & angle of universal joint?
(2019-10-03, 1:47)N. W. Perry Wrote: I actually looked at the 8860 script for piston rod/crankshaft placement as well. I recognize that the answer is in there somewhere, but I will probably need some help translating what I'm reading there.  Wink
Ok, I had some time to kill (waiting on some progress bar Smile )

I made a very quick and dirty helper macro and added it to the technic.lua script.

with the version attached.

Now in your model start a new selection
Select the universal end at A
then (hold ctrl) select the center piece at a (or anywhere)
then (hold ctrl) select the joints second uni end (or one anywhere else)
last (hold ctrl) select the uni end at point B

now execute the new macro from /scripts/technic/Universal joint placement helper

this should place all three uni parts correctly.

Now repeat this for the uni at point B by selecting
uni part at B' axis
center part
another uni part end
center piece at point A

execute the script again.

Made a short clip:

It only works with uni ends with an origin at the center piece (like 62520.dat)
I did very little testing.

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