Rotation & angle of universal joint?

RE: Rotation & angle of universal joint?
(2019-10-02, 3:36)N. W. Perry Wrote: Since I got such quick and helpful advice on my piston rod question, here is my next challenge: universal joints!

Specifically, how do I work out the compound angles of a double u-joint connection?

I would recommend use FLOSS parametric 2D/3D CAD & CAE «SolveSpace» for analyze 2D & 3D mechanism/kinematic: I try recreate all needed parts for creating universal joint assembly from scratch as solid CAD models in SolveSpace.
  • "Technic Universal Joint End (3712.slvs)" done!
    [Image: g78ZGba.png]
  • "Technic Universal Joint Centre Type 1 (3326a.slvs)" done!
    [Image: lHBXfV9.png]
  • WIP!
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