Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures

RE: Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures
(2020-01-15, 23:39)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I don't understand what you mean here. My original proposal would be ignored by non supporting programs, since every line is a comment. If you want to treat it like a file entry in LDCad, that seems like an implementation detail, and not something that should be in the spec.

Sorry for the confusion.

I liked that version of the proposal except its sub-subfile nature.

I wanted to solve that by making !DATA a special version of FILE so they are 'normal' subfiles for programs whom support it.

And there won't be a need for scoping rules etc as it can use the normal FILE search order methods already available in MPD supporting software.

(2020-01-15, 23:39)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Having said that, if we have !DATA be independent of FILE, then it should be valid in a non-MPD LDraw file.
I thought we wanted to drop the mpd/ldr distinction of files anyway?

And because it's all comments like you said the file (using !DATA as an alt FILE) won't even register as mpd in non supporting software.
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