Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures

RE: Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures
(2020-01-15, 19:11)Roland Melkert Wrote: I was trying to make it an hybrid.

With !DATA acting like FILE non supporting editors will ignore it all, and supporting ones could hide those subfiles and/or give give them special treatment while reusing the search mechanism already in place for the FILE meta.

I don't understand what you mean here. My original proposal would be ignored by non supporting programs, since every line is a comment. If you want to treat it like a file entry in LDCad, that seems like an implementation detail, and not something that should be in the spec. Having said that, if we have !DATA be independent of FILE, then it should be valid in a non-MPD LDraw file.

(2020-01-15, 19:11)Roland Melkert Wrote: Side note, should we include the mime type of the encoded data? "image/png" being the only one officially supported from the get go? 

I can imagine adding more stuff to mpd's (e.g. LDCad scripts Blush  )

I see your point, but given Orion's comment, perhaps we should not include the MIME type.
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