Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures

RE: Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures
(2019-09-25, 0:51)Roland Melkert Wrote: I like this proposal, only thing I would like to add is to maybe use the DATA meta itself as an alternative to the FILE meta.

That way you won't end up with empty models in non supported programs (they would just ignore the unknown 0 lines, as if they were part of the current FILE meta's content).

Also you wont need the "0 !DATA END" line as normal FILE rules would apply (meaning the next FILE or !DATA meta will split subfiles)

Would having a sub-file in an MPD with no geometry really hurt anything in programs that don't support !DATA?

I can see plus and minus points both ways. Having !DATA behave just like FILE is arguably cleaner, since it doesn't involve replacing a file that is being loaded with completely different contents. But putting it inside a FILE is much less of a departure from established practice. Putting it inside a FILE allows for header information to go in. However, I'm not sure if this is a plus or a minus, since these are intended as a drop-in for actual texture files, and such files obviously cannot contain LDraw header information.

My general leaning is toward having !DATA go inside a FILE (as indicated in the proposal). However, I'm not strongly in favor of that, so if you and Chris both feel that !DATA should be used instead of FILE, I can go with that.
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