On the packaging of ldraw-parts and ldraw-mklist

RE: On the packaging of ldraw-parts and ldraw-mklist
(2019-09-16, 16:23)Sylvain Corlay Wrote: 2. Persistent source tarballs for the parts library

It seems that with every update of the parts library, the new parts are uploaded in a separate zip file, while the complete.zip file is overwritten with the new version of the full library.
This may be an issue because old versions of complete.zip are not available anymore and we can't use a persistent URL for a given version. If you kept a complete-????.zip around for each release, we would be able to point to it persistently.

The current version of the library is always the one that should be used. We take great pains to maintain backward compatibility for all parts in the library. I believe we have only broken compatibility once, ever. Therefore, is there a "good reason" ™ to archive the complete.zip? I'm mainly concerned with server space in archiving these files. When (and this may be a while) we switch to a source version control system (probably git) this will be easier but for now it probably won't happen unless there's a clear need.
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