Primitives in non-LEGO parts libraries

RE: Primitives in non-LEGO parts libraries
(2019-08-13, 5:56)Chris Dee Wrote: I have a side interest in the Other Parts Libraries and have a couple of stalled projects that I intend to add there (Nanoblock and Bayko) when time allows. Just like the main LDraw library these libraries benefit from the re-usable primitives concept. My question is should primitives used there include the '!LDRAW_ORG ....' lines and should they share the LDraw primitive naming conventions (e.g. 4-4cyli.dat)?
I would say yes for geometrical primitives (they are the same regardless of usage), no for specialized ones (eg. Nanoblock studs). I'd use subparts for the latter. The only problem is that the geometrical primitives would need to be released even if not used by LDraw LEGO parts.
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