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RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2022-07-05, 12:21)Lasse Deleuran Wrote: I think the online 3D render might cause some confusion.

This is what the mask looks like in the "physical renderer":

[Image: Wrjlefy.png]

You can see how the use of normals and UV's help to make the surface appear smooth. This is all trickery, and you can see where the trickery fails - particularly on the parts that look wrinkled, and on the top of the "kissing mouth".

Turning on UV mode highlights these issues:

[Image: LRWiL2I.png]

 The normals (the red lines) show that some are erroneously computed at the top of the kissing mouth, causing the rendering issues:

[Image: 1qciKwb.png]

This error can be caused either by the heuristic failing, or the part being modelled inconsistently.

I think we should have a thread where we talk about how to compute normals and UV's, since everyone seems to be doing their own thing (including me)

I think that the way LDView does that particularly is very good
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