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(2022-06-27, 18:24)Orion Pobursky Wrote: There is lighting it's just a diffuse, ambient light. Do you want a point light?

From a rendering perspective, I strongly suspect that lighting has been disabled in the rendering pipeline. I guess it's possible that the lighting is enabled, and only the ambient term is included, but that seems wasteful when it should just render the polygons with their exact colors.

When I asked for lighting, I actually meant a directional light, not a point light. A directional light emulates a point light at infinite distance. It doesn't fall off over distance, and comes from a constant specific direction (typically directly out of the virtual camera in a situation like this). There would also be an ambient term to avoid having it look extremely harsh.

As an aside, the "Subdued" check box in LDView's lighting settings simply bumps up the ambient term. However, LDView does include some ambient lighting even when that check box is unchecked.
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