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RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2019-11-16, 1:41)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I am having trouble. I'm using the LDR.Studs.setStuds() method.

Right now I'm doing something like this:
LDR.Studs.setStuds(ldrLoader, ldrOptions.studHighContrast, ldrOptions.studLogo, () => ldrLoader.load(partID));
ldrLoader.partTypes = {}; // Reset all stored data in the loader.

This doesn't seem to work no matter what value I set ldrOptions.studLogo to.

The trick is to not clear the loaded data:

LDR.Studs.setStuds(ldrLoader, ldrOptions.studHighContrast = 0, ldrOptions.studLogo = 1, () => ldrLoader.load(partID));

sets the logo on studs.

LDR.Studs.setStuds(ldrLoader, ldrOptions.studHighContrast = 0, ldrOptions.studLogo = 0, () => ldrLoader.load(partID));

Clears the logo.

As an example, try to fire these commands in the console here: https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...artid=3024
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