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RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2019-11-15, 18:38)Lasse Deleuran Wrote: Hi Orion,

Which part of the code is it that is causing issues?

There are currently two ways of enabling and disabling logos:

LDR.Studs.makeGenerators() which can be called before the model is loaded to ensure that studs will be constructed correctly. I do not think this is the best option for setting the values here.


LDR.Studs.setStuds() which can be called to overwrite the part types for studs. After it has been called, the other parts that use studs will have to be rebuilt. To rebuild, the function removeAllMeshes() on meshCollectors can be used before calling draw() to rebuild.

I haven't gotten back to this yet. I'll have time this evening to work on a fix.
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