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(2019-07-23, 17:28)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I don't see the problem when viewing the part from a similar angle in LDView:


I have found the issue. It is due to how WebGL handles drawing order. I have reduced the error to these 3 transparent quads for an example:

[Image: t2hEM3S.png]

There is one big quad in the background, and two smaller quads flying in front of it. All in the same color (trans black color 40).

On the top of the right side you can see they are in the same geometry, so they are belonging to the same "Object" being drawn by WebGL.

The reason why only one of them works correctly is their order in the object: The small left triangle comes first, then the big one, and the failing one to the right comes last.

WebGL only renders transparent triangles correctly when they are drawn before the stuff behind. This is the reason why I am separating transparent and opaque stuff in the code base. Unfortunately I do not know how to fix this issue without either making all transparent geometries not culled, or do some crazy inefficient sorting before rendering.

So what do you guys think? Is this a big enough issue to reduce efficiency by not culling transparent elements, or should it just be left like this?
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