3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker

RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
I have now updated the geometry handling on buildinginstructions.js so that it no longer has the issue with non-culled sub models being merged with ones that are culled (this caused both sub models to not be culled in order to ensure no triangles were lost). 

There is a new Javascript file that should be included when showing BFC: js/LDRBFCGeometries.js

Once included, BFC can be turned on by running:

// Enable BFC:
      THREE.LDRPartType.prototype.ensureGeometry = function(loader) {
        if(!this.geometry) {
          this.geometry = new LDR.BFCGeometry();
          this.geometry.fromPartType(loader, this);

And rebuilding.

That said. The sample file is still a bit odd to my eye. Does anyone know if it is on purpose that one of the transparent sections has more surfaces, hence the darker hue of the transparent section? This is 44375bps0.dat

[Image: dr0SYDf.png]
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