3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker

RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2019-07-08, 22:40)Orion Pobursky Wrote: A 3D part preview has been added to the part detail pages on the Parts Tracker. If your machine is WebGL capable then you can click on the 3D View link on the menu to see that part in 3D. This feature is powered by brigl (https://github.com/HazenBabcock/brigl). Please report any bugs in the Website Discussion forum.

Known bugs:
- Mouse button actions not registered if done outside the model container (e.g. if you release a mouse button with the pointer outside the model container then if you reenter the container it behaves as if you never released the button)
- Direct colors don't work properly


Based on the above bugs, I’m going to switch to Lasse Deleuran’s renderer (https://github.com/LasseD/buildinginstructions.js). It doesn’t have the above issues, is more compliant with the standard, and is being actively developed. Lasse was very responsive to a feature I requested to allow the switch and was kind enough to push an update in less than a day.
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